Independent Living

Support for Elderly Parents with Adult Children

Making Independent Living Possible

The Independent Living Program offers Supported Living services to persons with various disabilities in Milwaukee County.  Supported Living offers an alternative to group homes and long-term care facilities.  The services promote each person’s potential for maximum independence and inclusion in the community  Most individuals supported through this program lease apartments and homes.  All services are provided with a focus on the individual --- enhancing his/her capacities to become as self-reliant as possible.

UCP of Southeastern Wisconsin believes supported living services will differ from person to person according to what each individual determines is necessary and desirable for him/her to have a satisfying and meaningful life.

Supported Living Services:

Promote Relationshipshelps individuals seek out and maintain relationships in the community

Provide Life-Skills Educationprovides the practical education and training skills necessary to perform activities of daily living

Assist with Problem-Solvinghelps individuals improve their problem-solving and coping skills

Search for Housingassists individuals to find safe, affordable, accessible housing

Provide Information and Referralhelps individuals learn about and determine their eligibility for suitable social and human service programs in the community

Financial Managementhelps individuals with budgeting, bill paying and record keeping

Rep Payee Services -   money management services

Health and Medication – skills training and on-going monitoring

Community Integration and Recreational Activities -   assists individuals to find/explore community activities and work through any transition issues

Attendant Care Servicescoordinates in-home assistance for adults who have physical disabilities.  Services include personal care and housekeeping.  Consumers are assisted in hiring their own attendance or housekeeper.  This allows individuals in the opportunity to stay at home and receive help with tasks such as personal care, meal preparation  laundry, shopping and housekeeping.  Staff assisting in recruitment, interviewing and background check and on-going monitoring or coordination of services.  Approved hours and specific services are based on each individual’s needs and available supports.

Support Broker -  works with individuals who are participating in IRIS to provide additional supports with their individual plan.

UCP of Southeastern Wisconsin contracts with all Managed Care organizations and individuals through IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-direct).